Worldwide Emblem for Dementia

The idea: If you are a person or business who wants to raise awareness of dementia, use the purple angel logo.

I'm Jane Moore, Camelford Dementia Action Alliance here in Britain and together with Norrm McNamara from Torbay Dementia Action Alliance.

We have produced a purple angel logo for use all over the world -- for anyone who cares about dementia and will spread awareness.

This logo can be used by any person or business who is raising awareness of Dementia anywhere in the world.



For a download of the logo please contact one of the following:

We would like to know that you are intending to use the logo so please be kind enough to email or message your intention to either myself or Norrm McNamara.

(Jane's email address is Norm's email address is

Published on 06 December 2012
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A heads up:
For the avoidance of any doubt, this logo is trademarked and use for profit under the threat of legal action:

Purple Angel Trademark secured
This is a HUGE DAY for all connected with the Purple Angel. She will be now flying FOREVER , safe and secure in the Knowledge that the Trademark is now ours and all legal as you can see by the pics!! This has been a long time coming but has now secured the future of the Purple Angel for all who wish to use it as a Awareness raising Logo and for Non for Profit is safe and it is where it belongs, for the People

Please see attached Statement and please SHARE , and SHARE asnd SHARE LOLL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

. Statement

To whom it may concern, i, Norman Mc Namara, hereby give consent to all parties to use this Purple Angel logo

(with additions to it, behind or in front with our consent only, present logos being used like this at the moment in time, have out permission to do so,) ,

but the Purple Angel must be foremost in the logo, Present logos being used like this at the moment in time are ok, but from this day on any future logos that are used that resemble the PA in any way, shape form or colour, will be scrutinized by the in London for the sole purpose of use for raising Awareness of all types of dementia in a non for profit way only, Anybody not adhering to this will be contacted by the Intellectual Property Office, London, Uk, yours sincerely Norman Mc Namara

Taken from Alz Society forum Talking Point

Trademarked logo

becareful how you use this logo, it has been trademarked and you can be sued if used for financial gain, just a heads up.
It is little known in the UK, the most used symbol here is the 'forget me not' flower.


I've put the logo on my blog. Thanks for letting me use it. Here is the link-

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