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My name is Gareth Rowlands, JP. The photo shows me on the left meeting with the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP (right) right to discuss the website.

In response to the British Government's Big Society plan,I have built a web site called 'Battle Dementia,' which offers support and free resources (my own booklets can be downloaded for free from the website) to all carers looking after people suffering from Alzheimers disease and dementia.

The website can be accessed at and has already gone international in providing much needed help and free resources for the Alzheimers Society in Mauritius and Alzheimers Pakistan in Pakistan.I have mentioned to the organisers in Mauritius and Pakistan that they can translate and amend the resources to suit the needs of their people there, bearing in mind what thier language and cultural needs may be.

The main aim of this free resource is two-fold:

  • To suggest an appropriate approach to the use of activities that could be attempted whilst caring for people suffering from dementia in an effort to improve their quality of life.

  • To offer some valuable and much needed support to those who care for people suffering from dementia day-in, day-out and at night in their own homes as husbands or wives, as family members or as the dedicated, hard -working carers in residential and nursing care homes.    

In addition, what I am aiming to do through my Big Society project 'Battle Dementia' is to register and contact Alzheimers Societies and all people involved in as many countries as possible to offer my free resources but also to ask anyone involved in the care of people suffering fom Alzheimer's disease or dementia to mention in as many words as they like any kind of activity which they have found useful, no matter what it is, how small it is, or how big it may be. I am convinced that there are some activities which we have yet to explore in the interest of all those we care for. I will never give up trying to find and share new and better activities to help and support our wonderful carers. 

I am keen for my support and help to be offered to all carers wherever they are in any country. I really need help in circulating and publicising my project. You can read a summary of what my "Big Society" project has acheived thus far by clicking here.

I also have two books: 'Activities for Today' and 'Battle Dementia.'


Having been successful in providing free resource booklets to Alzheimer's Societies in Mauritius and Pakistan for use by carers and people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and dementia, I am now very keen to explore the possibility of  providing more of my free resource booklets to Alzheimer's Societies world wide.
What we can do again and again is to improve the quality of life of our magnificent carers and those they care for by suggesting activities that really work and in turn helps to provide comfort and respite for the hard-working carers who need our support.
My aim and hope is that my free resources can be of help and that, if necessary, be adapted in any way to suit the needs and culture of the local people in their own homes, in Care Centres or residential homes in as many countries as possible.
I would very much like to hear from any  Alzheimer's Society in any country that would like me to forward  copies of my resources to them.
Contact Gareth at the email address below.


Published on 30 September 2013
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