Unique Book Written for the Dementia PATIENT, not caregiver!

The idea: Eliezer has written a book for memory-challenged adults.


Hello: My name is Eliezer Sobel and I live in Richmond, VA, USA. My mother is in her 10th+ year of Alzheimer's. My 89-year-old Dad is the full-time at-home caregiver, with aides. I am his chief support system along with my brother.

Long after my mother lost all of her ordinary language and communication skills, and only spoke in nonsense syllables, one day I accidentally happened upon her flipping through a magazine and I heard her reading the headlines aloud, in English! It was a revelation to me that she could still read -- not books or even sentences, but individual words and short phrases.

I tried in vain to find a suitable, simple picture book aimed at people with dementia and couldn't find ANY. Ninety-nine percent of the available books are for the caregiver, never the patient. So I wrote it myself and it just came out. Blue Sky, White Clouds: A Book for Memory-Challenged Adults.  Each page has a beautiful photo of people or nature, with a short caption in big print. NO MEMORY is required, each page stands alone. The full story behind the book can be read on Psychology Today's website, here: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-99th-monkey/201210/our-loved-ones-alzheimers

There are so few activities available for the dementia patient, that many caregivers and aides often sit them down in front of a television set to watch something that they can't even follow, hoping that they will fall asleep. Reading this book together with our loved ones with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia provides an opportunity for tender shared moments of connection, stimulates conversation and reminiscence. It has been hailed by some of the top Alzheimer's researchers in the world.

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Published on 15 November 2012
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The title NEVER should have said "For Memory Challenged people" This is a turn off for me and is preventing me from purchasing this book for my mother.


yeah, I know what you mean about the title. Maybe a piece of masking tape or black magic marker would do the trick.


Great idea except I wish the title did not say memory challenged adults as this will not sit well with my proud mother. it was not really needed if for the patient of this horrific desease

Great concept!

As the caregiver for my wife who has advanced Alzheimer's and the co-author of a children's book, "When Your Grandma Forgets," I have to get "Blue Sky-White Clouds.' This will give me an effective way to relate with my wife in addition to simple dancing. Thanks.

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