Start a society at your university to support students dealing with dementia

The idea: Kyle, a nursing student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, started a society to support fellow students who are dealing with dementia in their families.


My name is Kyle Warkentin and I am a 22-year-old, second-year nursing student at Dalhousie University, in Halifax, NS, Canada. 

I have decided, no, I have confirmed that I will devote my entire life to Alzheimer's disease research, and work towards a cure! I work with Dr. Darvesh, who is a researcher at Dalhousie. Here we have the Brain Bank, which is a lab where we work on human/mice tissues to discover new ways of Alzheimer's disease prevention and treatment. 

I created a society at my school that relates to Dementia, I will talk about that below.

Kyle Warkentin

Dalhousie Alzheimer's Education Society

The Dalhousie Alzheimer's Education Society, or DAES, is committed to the well-being of students affected by family/friends with Dementia. We are here to act as a support system, an information centre, and a community outreach society.
Support/education/outreach....all these things are important in youth. University students are going through a lot, and with the rising increase of aging populations, dementia is becoming all too real. 

Whether it is a grandparent, parent or friend, dementia affects us all, and learning how to cope, how to communicate and how to engage in day-to-day activities with persons affected with dementia are so important.

That is why i created the DAES. It is a support and resource for students, and a lot of fun with our events such as November 1, 2012 Zumba Dance for Alzheimer's Disease. 
Schools, students even professors should think about implementing this idea. For more information, you can "like" our Facebook page at
I would be very much interested in setting up a workshop at other schools in Canada, in the US or in the UK on how to effectively start a successful university Alzheimer's education society. Please let me know if you are interested.

Kyle Warkentin



Family Conflict Caused by Alzheimer's / dementia

If you are dealing with family conflict caused by the challenges of a parent with dementia, please take a look at “Conversations with Nora.” Available at, Kindle or paperback; and as an ebook on Nook.

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