Organize more national strategies for dementia

The idea: A call to the government of Hungary to create a national strategy for dementia


Hello, my name is István Kappéter MD, special education and pedagogy psychology teacher. I am from Hungary: Corvinus University, Budapest; Psychiatric Nursing Home in Tápiógyörgye. I have Lewy Body dementia since 1995 and Alzheimer’s disease since 2005.

I work in psychiatry; I started as a nurse in 1950. I am a special education teacher, pedagogy and psychology teacher since 1955. I got my medical degree in 1962, and I am a neurology specialist since 1966, a psychiatry specialist since 1968, a psychotherapy specialist since 1984, and a self-made futurist since 1991.
Organize more National Strategies for helping the people with cognitive impairment.  
We have to convince the majority of people all over the world that investing money and work in the prevention of dementia and in ensuring the upkeep of sufficient bio, psycho and social therapy for those with dementia is possible and will return the investments multiplied. As many people as possible should know that the great number of tasks and challenges care-givers and other relatives have to suffer through can be prevented or at least seriously lessened.
The majority of humanity has to be convinced of the benefits of allowing people having first stage dementia to do light, regular work with shortened hours.
The Hungarian government has recognized that we can only catch up to the countries around us, if we stop using the so-called socialist and so-called liberal systems, which give out social aids to the poor without supervising how they spend it. The new government is trying to supervise the social aids and to create new workplaces. I think this method is useful. But sadly the leaders of our government have still not recognized that many amongst the great and growing number of people who have dementia – mostly who are in the first stage – if treated appropriately can be given work. We have to convince them. The National Forum, FIDESZ and the Christian Democrats (all Hungarian political parties) I could convince the leaders of National Forum – a small political party which is one of the governing parties lead by FIDESZ and the Christian Democrats (both Hungarian political parties) – of the benefits of these steps. I hope all of the governing and other parties can be convinced as well.
Responsible future-researchers, primarily the ones who started scientifically researching the future in the 1960s, find it obvious that the industrial societies – either so called socialist or market economy based democracies – are not able to work out a solution to ensure the survival of humanity. We should invent brand new forms of government for the post-industrial societies. I am certain that reforms may be helpful, but cannot solve all of the problems. I don’t think we know all of the societal systems which will be able to work after the industrial societies. But I am sure that people with disabilities and handicaps are going to have to take part in planning and realizing these new systems. The level of technical development would probably allow a situation where only a small part of all the people living in the world could produce the food and build the living-establishments for all, but as a psychiatrist, I know that those not sharing the innovative life would not tolerate this.  They would kill the ones placing them in a life so undignified and without innovation. Of course we are going to have to use as many of the old methods as possible, but we also have to work out brand new ones, so we can build the societies which are good for all of humanity. I am absolutely certain that these post-industrial societies are going to need the reforms suggested by me, and even more advanced ones concerning elderly people – with or without thinking disabilities.
I would be very pleased if many people with cognitive impairment, professionals, activity directors, nurses, leaders of care-taker groups would read my ideas and helped me make them even more efficient.
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Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Beyreuther: Alzheimer: 100 Years and Beyond (Research and Perspectives in Alzheimer's Disease)


Published on 07 September 2011
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