Intergenerational modern dance improves well-being

The idea: Kairos Dance Theatre brings together people of all ages (7-98) in their dance company, and through modern dance and story telling, creates community and improves well-being.

KairosAlive! is the umbrella organization for Kairos Dance Theatre, a performing dance company made up of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Performances are often at nursing homes, parks, conferences, schools, etc.

Expressive movement is every human's birthright. Modern life has certain physical, psychological and spiritual imbalances which need to be redressed by active programs that engage, encourage, and even enthrall individuals with the full breath, depth, and height of human experience.

Community needs each individual and each individual needs community. Our task is to help weave them into a healing living whole.

Kairos Dancing Heart is an interactive Dance/Music/Story program for nursing homes, adult day programs, and memory care centers currently serving 8 sites weekly but occasionally reaching 16 sites.

Kairos Lab is an intensive artistic explorations using Dance/Music/Storytelling, often resulting in public performances. 

We have won three national awards: The 2011 Rosalinde Gilbert Innovations in Alzheimer's Diaseas Caregiver Legacy Award, The Archstone Award for Excellence in Program Innovation from The American Public Health Association and the 2008 Mind Alert Award from the American Society on Aging.

We've been working at this since 1999 in an environment of shrinking funding for the arts.

Always a labor of love that sometimes even comes with a modest living wage, we've survived on grants from the national, state, and local level as well as foundations and small personal contributions. Common wisdom says we need to develop our private donor base to assure stability.

Published on 10 September 2012
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