Improvisational Theater Games

My name is Kyla McCormick. I live in the state of Illinois in America. The two main passions of my life are theater and working with the elderly. I have worked with people affected by dementia for the past 10 years, first as a C.N.A (certified nurse assistant), then as a activity assistant and currently in-home care. When working in activities I developed a thriving Arts program that included improvisational theater.

Playing improvisational theater games is a challenging, life enhancing activity. The improvement in the theater group participants' focus, memory, self awareness and self confidence was astounding and inspiring. They looked forward to our weekly meetings. They enjoyed expressing themselves creatively and being a part of an ensemble. They also had a lot of fun and laughter is the best medicine.

Anyone in the beginning stages of dementia who has a proactive approach, activity directors and caregivers should consider this activity.

Book: Hold on to Your Essence: A Creative Approach to Alzheimer's disease

Published on 03 January 2014
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