Organize Vital Documents and Personal Information

The idea: Provide peace of mind for you and your family by organizing your vital documents and personal information using an organizer such as the one invented by this contributor.

My name is Mary Hobratschk.  

I am the inventor of a personal information and vital documents organizing system, Life at Hand®  that inspires individuals to collect, organize, and secure this information to provide direction,ensure peace of mind and harmony among family members.  

My mother is 93 and is living in the "severe"  stage of Alzheimer's.   She was diagnosed over 10 years ago.  She currently lives in a memory care facility in Decatur, GA.  My sister is 5 minutes away and manages her care today.  I was directly responsible for her and my father's care until he passed in 2004.

Fifty-six percent of adults die without a will, much less have a living will, written bequeaths and other estate plans.  I am a huge proponent of advanced life planning and preparedness.  After years of care partnering, we grow weary and more than ever, need the advantage of having the essential information organized, ours and theirs,  and in one place for easy access at a moment's notice.  

I strongly suggest that the Life at Hand®, easy to use, personal information and vital documents organizing system be used to collect, organize and secure essential personal information as well financial, medical, property, insurance, estate planning and yes, even household utilities accounts.  To have one's essential information and directives in hand makes all the difference as it relates to peace of mind and harmony, especially during stressful times.

The following people should think about implementing this idea:

  • Care partners, including adult children
  • Social workers
  • Care facilities
  • Funeral directors involved in advance planning
  • Financial and estate planners
  • Insurance brokers

Thank you, 


Published on 13 September 2011
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