Day Clock for Digital Photo Frames

The idea: Create a day clock out of a digital photo frame to remind people with dementia of the day and period of the day, rather than using just hours and minutes.

Hi, I'm Martyn, from Lancing, West Sussex, United Kingdom. I'm a full time carer for my Mother who has Vascular Dementia. This was diagnosed over a year ago.

There is a commercially available Day Clock which displays the day and the period of the day, instead of showing hours and minutes - something that people with dementia may no longer be able to understand, or may lose the ability to tell the difference between day and night. This commercial Day Clock is essentially a Digital Photo Frame.

In essence, any Digital Photo Frame can be set up to perform this task, and these are generally much cheaper than the commercially available Day Clock.

All that is needed is a Digital Photo Frame that is able to change an image every hour. Then a series of 168 images is needed, 24 for each day. Each image would contain a message such as "It is now Monday Morning".

I've already created a set of images, and one of these can be seen on the uploaded photo. The Digital Photo Frame used in this case is a Motorola MLC800. The clock and calendar at the bottom are integral to this particular Photo Frame, and can be switched on or off as required.

If anyone is interested in using such a method of creating a Day Clock on a Digital Photo Frame, please contact me.

The Day Clock for Digital Photo Frames is intended as an aid for Dementia sufferers, enabling them to more easily understand what part of the day it is through the use of both text and image. It is relatively simple to set up, and anyone with the usual computer/IT skills will be able to use it. So, whilst the Day Clock is for the sufferer, the method used to create the Clock on a Digital Photo Frame, is aimed at carers and relatives of the sufferer.

Update: A blog post with a file download for the suggested photo frame is available: Day Clock for people living with dementia

Published on 02 May 2013
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Photo Frame Clock

A fantastic product! Similar products available to buy only say the time of day, but this shows the actual time too - just what we were looking for. Thank you Martyn


The cost of a Digital Photo Frame and the required external memory, usually SD cards or USB memory sticks. The rest is available for free here

Your clock

What a fantastic idea. I work with dementia in Worthing and I know that this would be a great asset to lots of sufferers. Well done. How much would this cost to set up Martyn?

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